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International Conference. On the reign of justice for the protection of peace and life in the world.

International Conference. On the reign of justice for the protection of peace and life in the world.

Subject: International Conference. On the reign of justice for the protection of peace and life in the world.

 To: Her Excellency Mrs. Yuri KIM

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of USA in Albania 

Dearest Mrs. Yuri KIM

I am writing to you on behalf of all Albanian missionaries of peace with deep gratitude to you for your contribution for the integration of our country in EU. 

Despite the endless efforts of people of good will, humanity is facing the anxiety of uncertainty about the future of its life on the planet. Everywhere on the planet we are facing suffering, inequality, injustice and war that is shedding the blood of innocent children. History proves that Religion and the State have not been able to guarantee the peace and happiness of humanity. They have been used as a way of life and a means of enrichment by shedding rivers of blood. This happened because LAW AND JUSTICE did not rule. 

The history of my country is linked to humanity’s aspiration for justice. Albanians are very spiritually connected to the EU because they are old European and they have a very prominent tradition of JUSTICE, freedom and democracy to which the EU and you are committed. For thousands of years, Albanians have regulated their lives with their ethical code that was not related to religion or the state, but only to law. Law has been implemented without the army, police and prisons, because it was embedded in the human conscience from childhood. The leaders and elders of the Albanians served the people without any benefit, and remained all their lives equal to the poor at the minimum level of living. Personal benefits as a leader had serious consequences, they were punished not only with removal from representation but also with destruction of personal property. In the ethical code of Albanians, one must live equally with others, regardless of the social hierarchy. Even in punishments, people were equal, regardless of social position. Only nature and the environment were privileged, defined as “The common good“.

The Albanian Canon prohibited any idea that incited religious hatred, chauvinism, racism or nationalism. As we know, every foreign traveller found shelter and protection in the house of the Albanian because it was clearly defined in the ancient code that: – “The house of the Albanian belongs to God and the Guest”. If the guest was attacked or asked to surrender, the Albanian would sacrifice his life for their protection because the basic article of the Canon, “BESA”, imposed it. This is how every Jew was rescued in the Albanian land during the Second World War, which we feel proud of in front of all humanity. This is how the Mujahedeen are being protected today in the Albanian territories. Today, our people have placed all their hope and trust in the EU and USA for justice and the punishment of corrupt rulers. 

Looking back to history, I want to bring to your attention that 2000 years ago the pagan Albanians, bound only by law, accepted Saint Paul, who spread the teachings of Jesus, to establish the Church of Christ in the Illyrian lands as an appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication to the right of justice. Canon believed in Jesus’ sacrifice for justice, just as he still believes today in the efforts of the USA for freedom, democracy and justice on the planet. This reasonable and fair attitude brought the permanent cooperation of Albanians with religions that became equal participants with citizens in the Mountain Assemblies where the rules of the Canon were approved. 

The church and other religious temples were subjected to Canon rules, one of which was the right of Divorce, which the dogmatic Churches and Mosques of the World continue to refuse even today. The canon provided that “The right of divorce belongs to the husband and wife, religion keeps off“. In the Albanian Canon, women and girls were considered equal in all aspects of life, therefore the Albanians appreciated Saint Mary for the sacrifice and support she gave to her son on the path of justice and helped to build churches with her name. Albanian Assemblies remain an example of inclusive democracy. The assemblies were attended by atheist members, women and children as well as representatives of all religious faiths, which do not happen today. 800 years ago, the Albanian state of Arbanon was a temple of law. Its leaders, Progon and his sons, left the ethical codes and inscriptions for the leadership of humanity engraved on the stones in the capital of the State of Arbanon, GËZIQ – NDËRFANDINË, but they disappeared from the barbarian invasions. 

Fortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century, The Austrian Kingdom built the church of St. Mary where the assemblies of the people were held and archaeologists insisted that a part of these inscriptions and testimonies preserved in stone be placed on the walls of the Church of this capital, in Gëziq – Ndërfandinë, Mirdita. The inhabitants have heroically defended these testimonies during the anti-religious movements of Communism. The coat of arms of the state of Arbanon, the Temple of Justice, was presented by these residents to the Academy of Sciences and the National Historical Museum. Unfortunately, due to bad and corrupt governance, they have been left in the shadows and the Church where they are located was not included in the list of heritage sites preserved by the state. Albanian politics captured by corrupt individuals and groups has not been interested in the promotion and application of this positive tradition in support of the rule of law.  After the fall of the Communist system, there was a special interest of foreign researchers in the promotion of these values and the restoration of the testimonies of the Temple of Justice, but due to a lack of funds, they were not carried out either by the Government or by the District Municipality. Today there is a need for this historical experience and these testimonies to be promoted and to be a basis for supporting democracy and the rule of law. In 2014, precisely on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the State of Arbanon, the Committee of nationwide Reconciliation held a scientific conference in Tirana on this historical center and the state of Arbanon as the Temple of Justice.

Academics proposed calling an International Conference on the Reign of Justice for the Protection of Peace and Life of Humanity, based on these experiences, the establishment of a Memorial exactly in the natural environment where the evidence was found. 

Scholars from different countries have confirmed, but unfortunately, we do not find adequate support from the government or donors. Due to the importance we think this conference has, we consider it reasonable that it receives your attention and support. We work voluntarily and we consider the support of any state or individual very valuable. The conference will take place on May 27, 2023 at 10 a.m. In the courtyard of Saint Mary’s Church in Gëziq, Mirdita, where the historical inscriptions were found. With the academy of sciences, we have made a rough program which I am launching in Alabanian, as well as a photo of the preliminary activity done in 2014. 

For this reason, we would like to have a meeting with you to express our gratitude for the contribution of your country have given to our country as well as to inform you about our necessary to do this activity. Please find attached the 2-year report of our work.

With the deepest respect to you please accept our highest consideration and heartiest congratulations.

Yours sincerely,

Gjin Marku